Recent Read: The Possessions

When someone dies, they leave their physical possessions behind. These possessions allow loved ones to have something remaining of their dearly departed.

And in the case of Edie and the other bodies at the Elysian Society, it allows them to channel the departed’s spirit and personality while under the influence of a “lotus.”

For the five years Edie has worked as a body, she has remained detached and never gotten close to a client. She vows to never break her rule … until she meets Patrick Braddock.


From Goodreads page

And so begins Sara Flannery Murphy’s The Possessions.

This type of book isn’t my normal fare. The ventures into the paranormal aren’t normally entertaining to me, but the mystery aspect of The Possessions convinced me to try it.

Patrick Braddock’s wife, Sylvia, died under suspicious circumstances. And Edie finds herself drawn to the mystery — both the mystery of Sylvia and of Patrick.

As Edie and Sylvia become more entwined (in more ways than one), Edie begins to question what is going on at the Elysian Society, especially when it relates to Hopeful Doe, a woman who was found dead in a vacant home nearby.

When Hopeful Doe is found to have connections to the Society, Edie starts to think about her exit strategy and worry about her own past being unearthed.

I was really intrigued by this book. It’s a unique premise that isn’t overdone and was used well in this narrative. Edie is a compelling main character because she tells the reader just enough to keep them reading. She doesn’t reveal too much and she reveals things on her own terms.

I did, however, find her “big reveal” to be a little anticlimatic for what it was built up to be over the course of the book.

Overall, Murphy’s debut novel is well-written, easy to read and provides conclusions to many of the questions the reader will have as the book reaches a close. I would be curious to see what Ms. Murphy writes next.



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