Recent Read: Don’t You Cry

As the summer season has officially begun, let me give you another book to add to what is hopefully a lengthy beach reading list.

Don’t You Cry is the third novel by Mary Kubica. The thriller centers on Quinn and Esther, roommates in Chicago.

Quinn wakes up on a Sunday morning to discover her roommate is gone without a trace. Esther’s keys and cell phone are still in the apartment and a window to the fire escape is open.

Strange, to say the least.


From Goodreads page

Even stranger is a letter Quinn finds among Esther’s things, addressed to “My Dearest” and signed “EV.” And in the shredder, Quinn finds a photograph … which has a familiar face in it.

Meanwhile, in a small town in Michigan, Alex begins his shift at the local diner thinking it will be a normal day. That is until the new girl with the ombre hair and the pearl bracelet walks in and sits down.

Dubbing her Pearl, Alex begins to develop a relationship with someone he feels may be a kindred spirit … until Pearl begins acting strange.

Told in the format of alternating between Quinn and Alex’s viewpoints, Don’t You Cry is a slow burn thriller. There’s a lot of buildup and then — you hit the last 40 pages or so.

This seems to be Kubica’s signature style. In The Good Girl and Pretty Baby, her two previous novels, the plot was developed in a similar way. Alternating viewpoints, a slow build and a fast tidal wave of information and resolution.

The quick release at the end of Kubica’s novels might be the one complaint about her writing. There seems to be so much build for such little reward. And the amount of closure the reader receives isn’t always in proportion to the amount of buildup.

With that being said, I would strongly recommend Kubica’s books. The writing style is easy to follow, the alternating viewpoints keep the reader engaged and the stories are unique.

Pick up Don’t You Cry this summer and you won’t be crying over a bad book while on the beach. (See what I did there …. OK, enough with the puns. But seriously, you should check this book out.)


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