Recent Read: Dreamland

Dreamland is a must-read book. It’s as simple as that.
I began reading this book after Sam Quinones was scheduled to speak locally during a forum on heroin/opiate abuse and how the community could work together to find solutions to this problem. I was fascinated from the moment I started reading Dreamland.


From Goodreads page

As a reporter covering the court system and crime, I hear a lot about heroin. I see the cases as they come through court and I hear the stories from the families whose loved ones have died. But, I hadn’t heard the story from the dealers and how they got their heroin. I hadn’t heard the stories of the pill mills (which had decreased in size and scale before I became a full-time reporter).
Sam Quinones tells those stories and the history of heroin and opiates/opiods. His writing (as a former reporter) is clear and concise and easy to follow.
With the heroin problem continuing to grow, especially with the growth of the use of drugs like Fentanyl and Carfentanil,  Dreamland is the definitive account of heroin in the United States.

Sidenote: Unfortunately, I did not get to hear Sam Quinones speak when scheduled because of an unexpected health issue. I look forward to hearing him speak at a later date.


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