Recent Read: I Let You Go

If you’re looking for a juicy thriller to entertain you and intrigue you, look no further than Clare MacKintosh’s I Let You Go.

The story opens with Jacob, age 5, walking across the street. When he’s hit by a car and killed, with the driver speeding off, detectives Stevens and Evans are on the case.

iletyougoA year goes by with no leads. Switching in perspectives from Stevens to Jenna Gray and back again and jumping from the past to the present, the narrative structure of I Let You Go is unique.

MacKintosh sets the reader up to believe that Jenna Gray is the driver of the car involved in the hit and run. But is she really? And if she isn’t, who is she protecting?

These questions are just some of the ones that popped in my head while I read this book, MacKintosh’s debut novel.

MacKintosh is a former detective herself and used a case that stuck with her as a loose basis for the hit and run scenario in I Let You Go.

After reading this work, I’m ready to read MacKintosh’s second work, I See You, which sounds like the same mix of psychological suspense and thrill.


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