Recent Read: All the Missing Girls

It’s not often that I read a mystery/thriller and feel like it’s a plot or twist I’ve never seen before.

But Megan Miranda manages to that with All the Missing Girls. Told in reverse, Miranda opens with disclosing that Annaliese Carter and Corrine Porter are two young women who have gone missing in a North Carolina town almost exactly 10 years apart.


From Goodreads page

The story begins with Nic Farrell in Philadelphia, being called back to her hometown by her brother to help with their ailing father. Once she gets there, Carter goes missing.

That plot starts part 2 of Miranda’s book — 15 days after Carter’s disappearance. Each chapter takes you back one day closer to the woman going missing.

Nic is the narrator and she and her group of friends have ties to both disappearances. But is it more than just ties? Do these friends have more to do with Corrine’s disappearance than anyone knows? And since Annaliese Carter was snooping around that case…. does that give them a motive to do the same thing again?

Miranda’s novel was really intriguing because of its non-traditional story format. At times, it was difficult to remember that what I’d read in previous chapters hadn’t happened yet in the actual plot. It was unsettling and challenging at times because it went so against the grain.

And the end reveal felt like a lot being unveiled all at once. We get back to the point of the initial disappearance and start moving forward in time again. It was a weird shift, but it worked for this story.

While the plot itself may have been a bit generic and the ending a tiny bit predictable in some ways, it was an exciting and quick read that blows the lid off traditional mystery/thriller novels. With an average Goodreads rating of 3.8 and placement on several “best of” lists already, it’s definitely a book to consider


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