Recent Read: Maestra

Honestly, I’m not sure why I even bothered to finish my most recent read.

Maestra by L.S. Hilton had been billed as a Gone Girl-esque thriller. I had high expectations and virtually none of them were met.

Yes, there were a few thrillery moments, but those came at the very end. Most of the book (at least 2/3) was spent setting up about 10 pages worth of action.

Judith (who also goes by Lauren through part of the book) works at a art dealer in London. When she discovers a scam, she’s fired and takes off with someone she met at her side job (a high-class escort type job) with a friend.


From Goodreads page

Then, the man she’s with dies. And she’s on the run, faking her way into high society and weaseling thousands of dollars into a foreign bank account, all while plotting her next move.

Hilton writes so much about the types of clothes and the types of parties and what people look like. There isn’t much action. Maybe I didn’t appreciate it because I don’t want to be a part of that world. Maybe it’s because I’m not British. I just didn’t get it.

Eventually, Judith/Lauren meets a man who could change her fortune. She can scam millions of Euros from the boss who fired her for exposing him and never get in trouble for it. Only problem: She has to commit murder and collude with a Mafia man to do it.

Judith/Lauren’s actions eventually catch up to her, but she has a plan for that too (which involves some incredibly detailed writing about dismemberment…)

Maestra ends with a To Be Continued… and to be honest… less than 48 hours after I finished the book, I don’t remember what that plot point was. That’s how gripping it was.

On paper, the plot sounds promising. However, Hilton’s writing was not up to my standards and I didn’t really enjoy the plot (or the language used in some of the scenes to be honest… and I’m one who can tolerate a lot of language.)

I took a break while reading Maestra to read Cursed Child and I wasn’t sure I wanted to pick Maestra back up again. I’m almost sorry I did. The time I spent reading that I could have spent on another book that I would likely get more enjoyment from.

Many of Maestra’s readers seem to agree, with the book receiving less than a 3-star average rating on Goodreads.

Overall, this book is probably good for a reader who is looking for a low-class beach read trying to pass itself off as a high-class thriller.


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