The Curse of the Cursed Child (Recent Read)


If you do not want spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, stop reading now. Click off this page. Consider yourself warned.

After finally receiving my copy of Cursed Child, I spent a good portion of my weekend reading it.

The book, which is smaller than most the installments of the original series and certainly reads quicker, is written in script format. (Remember when you read Shakespeare and it is a script…. like that.)

Cursed Child opens with Albus Potter and Harry talking about what would happen if the Sorting Hat sorts Albus into Slytherin. He’s terrified of the possibility, because as he knows and as his future classmates reassure him, Potters don’t belong in Slytherin.

Albus becomes friends on the Hogwarts Express with Scorpius Malfoy (yes, his father would be Draco) and then we enter Hogwarts.

The plot follows Albus and Scorpius as they attempt to right what they perceive as a wrong that occurred about two decades earlier. There’s time travel, time turners, alternate universes and more. Characters from the original series appear and new ones are introduced.

Overall, I enjoyed Cursed Child. The plot seemed to fit with the Harry Potter story as we know it and no major plot points in the original book were altered. However… I have a few questions.

–Where is Teddy Lupin?

–Where, for real, is Umbridge in the real universe?

–What happened to the Weasleys? What happened to George that Ron is running the joke shop? We hear about Molly, but what about Arthur?


From Goodreads page

I’m not a huge fan of reading scripts and part of the reason is that there is a lack of pretty much everything. You’re reliant on stage directions for setting, you can’t understand tone of voice or facial expression. Characters appear much more one-dimensional because there isn’t the exposition and background information a novel has.

And that’s the curse of Cursed Child. Anything short of an eighth novel with 700 pages and a fully developed plot and cast of beloved characters was going to disappoint just about everyone. I went into the script with an open mind, but there were certain points where I just couldn’t see it working.

The alternate universe with Hermione as an outlaw and Ron married to Padma? Voldemort Day?

And Delphi. Let’s talk about whether or not Voldemort would have actually had sexual desires and urges. I always got the impression that he saw himself as a God and above all the urges of humanity (besides greed, power and an unyielding thirst for everlasting life). In the original books, I got a sort of sexual tension between Bellatrix and Voldemort… but…. I thought it was just her wanting what she couldn’t have.

I’d love to know what happens too. How do things go after the play ends? Where does Delphi end up?

We likely will never know that. One other thing I picked up on right away was that the script ends with “The End.” The books did not end that way, they just ended. And with Rowling saying that she won’t write anymore about Harry Potter, this likely is truly the end.

Although we can hold out hope for that 700-page novel telling us what happened to Teddy Lupin and all our other favorite characters in more depth…


2 thoughts on “The Curse of the Cursed Child (Recent Read)

  1. I thought it was strange how everyone said the name “Voldemort” even in the universe where he was still alive. Even death eaters in the books wouldn’t say it because he wanted it to be feared


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