Recent Read: A Good Month for Murder

As frequent readers of this blog know, I like true crime. I like thrillers and suspense and mystery.


From Goodreads page

That’s originally why I picked up Del Quentin Wilber’s A Good Month for Murder.

Wilber, a reporter, was given access to the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office homicide unit for a month. Turns out he picked a good month.

Over the course of 28 days in February 2013, the unit handled more than a dozen homicides, as well as trying to solve several high profile, slightly older cases.

Wilber paints the detectives as humans, instead of focusing on the cases. He observed interrogations, private moments grabbing a smoke and joking around to let off steam.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book entirely. I knew Wilber was influenced by David Simon’s Homicide (how could he not be… Prince George’s County isn’t that far from Baltimore) which is on my to-read list.

When I finished A Good Month for Murder, I felt like there should have been more. More details, more follow-up on cases, more substance. Wilber’s work read quickly but it just felt like it was not as fully developed as it could be.

I’m eager to read Simon’s Homicide as I think it will be a more substantive look at the work of homicide squads. Wilber’s A Good Month for Murder is a strong addition to that canon, but it is not the strongest member, to be sure.


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