Recent Read: One True Loves

Every once in a while, you start reading a book with the belief that you know what’s in store. But then, the book surprises you.

One True Loves was that book for me. Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel follows Emma, who we first meet at dinner with her fiance, Sam, and her family. Then, Emma gets a call. Her husband, Jesse, who was believed to be lost at sea three years ago was just found alive. And he’s coming home.

Ruh, roh.


From Goodreads page

Emma is forced to confront the reality that the man she loved and believed was lost is not. But she has a fiance who she loves.

Jesse or Sam? Sam or Jesse? It’s the whole Harry Potter/Voldemort one must go sort of scenario.

I figured this would be one of those cliched romance novels where there’s lots of soul searching and then she picks the first guy because her first love was her only love.

I was right about the soul searching. I won’t spoil the ending.

Taylor Jenkins Reid is really profound in her writing. There are portions of this book where Emma is talking about her feelings and her realizations and moving on/growing out of love/falling into love that truly speak to the universal human experience.

Even read outside the context of a woman in love with two men, the statements she makes about the condition of love are beautifully constructed.

I was captivated by this book, especially the last third. It was a great outdoors read. The book wasn’t overly long (about 320 pages) and read quickly. The chapters were short and the characters easy to identify with and follow. They were flawed, to be sure, but they were definitely human and easy to root for.

I would highly recommend One True Loves as a great read this summer. It’s worth taking out to the pool.


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