Recent Read: Yes, Please

Warmer temperatures can only mean one thing: pool time! Are you like me in enjoying “light” reading by the water?

I thought Yes, Please by Amy Poehler would be the perfect fit. But, I borrowed the hardcover edition from my local library. It wasn’t light in the literal sense.

The content wasn’t always the lightest either. Poehler, a funny person by trade, has a clear voice in her work that translates well to the page.


From Goodreads page

In Yes, Please, Poehler recounts how she got to Saturday Night Live, how she met folks like Tina Fey and Seth Myers and how she came to love comedy in the first place.

I enjoyed Poehler’s voice throughout and I read Yes, Please quickly. However, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had more of Poehler’s work. I saw her for a few years on SNL, but really got into the show as she was leaving. I’ve never watched Parks and Rec and I’ve only seen Baby Mama, Inside Out, Mean Girls and Man of the Year.

I have seen her host the Golden Globes and I know some of her more famous sketches from SNL. In other words, I know she’s funny.

Yes, Please was really enjoyable. Poehler’s voice and personality are clear and I enjoyed the fact that she’s a real woman. She talks about her struggle to accept who she was. She talks about her divorce (in vague terms) as not being a failure and how she’s so grateful for her children. She talks about bad choices she made in her past (there is talk of illicit substance use).

This isn’t a sugar-coated memoir. And I enjoyed that. Poehler is real.

I wondered if she would ever write a sequel, and if I would read it. My answer to both: Yes, Please.


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