Wednesday Wanna-Read: It’s Not Okay

Disclaimer: I have a bit of a “guilty pleasure” relationship with the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.

I don’t necessarily watch the show religiously. But I know who the “star” of the season is, and I’m curious how it ends (I’ll usually watch the last few episodes, make my pick and then see it either succeed or go down in flames.)


From Goodreads page

That being said, I did watch Andi Dorfman’s season of Bachelorette. I thought she was more of a “regular person” and a real woman because she had been an attorney in Georgia and seemed to have her wits about her during her run on The Bachelor, which led to her Bachelorette stint.

But afterwards, I was disappointed. Dorfman quit her job, moved to New York and basically is working, as many of these folks do, in the promoting things on social media/making appearances/writing a ‘memoir’ circuit.

Disclaimer #2: I follow her on Instagram. Along with several other Bachelor/Bachelorette stars.

And I’ve requested her memoir: It’s Not Okay (her line from the season of The Bachelor she was on) from my local library. I’m excited for it to get in.

I’ve been reading some very heavy books lately and the books I want to read next are also in the sad, not exactly upbeat category. I feel like Dorfman’s book will be the perfect dose of light-hearted, funny commentary that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things to spice up my early summer reading.

I’m not expecting superb writing style (although she was a lawyer and writing skills are a big part of that job…). But I am hoping for juicy details about what goes on behind the scenes.

This will be the perfect book, I hope, to take with me to the pool once it opens this weekend and catch some rays with.

Is there a reality TV “star” whose memoir you want to read/wish would be written? Let me know in the comments.


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