Wednesday Wanna-Read: Me Before You

I’m so excited to read this book. I actually bought it instead of jumping on a super long waiting list at the local library.

I have read another book by JoJo Moyes and looooved it, so I’m confident I’ll love this one as well.


From Goodreads page

Me Before You got a ton of buzz as soon as it hit shelves at the end of 2012. And now, it’s getting the big screen treatment, with a scheduled release in the U.S. of the first weekend in June. (So, I have a deadline to finish this book…)

Here’s the synopsis: Lou is a bit eccentric and knows a lot of things. Will is a former risk taker whose life has been forever altered by injury.

Lou begins to take care of/be a companion for Will…. and you see where this is probably heading.

(Based on the movie trailers, it’s probably heading exactly to that spot.)

Here’s the thing though, those same trailers show some absolutely heartbreaking moments that I’m sure are just a glimpse of a larger scene. So, I’m going to have some Kleenex handy when I’m reading this book.

I cried when I read Moyes’ Last Letter from your Lover, so I’m sure to cry at the one that’s actually been called a tearjerker.

Seeing this book with its red cover on my bookshelf has been the craziest temptation. But, I’m waiting to finish book club reading and library books that are due back soon before I jump in.

Have you read Me Before You? What do you think? How many boxes of tissues should I have handy?


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