Wednesday Wanna-Read: Conviction

My Wednesday wanna-read this week is tied to one of the most prolific criminal cases of our time.

State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias was a media spectacle when it first went to trial. Between the salacious details of the evidence (graphic recorded phone sex conversations played in open court and live streamed on the Internet) and the attractiveness of the victim and suspect, it was a recipe for high ratings.

The original trail was live streamed and, like many Americans, I was fascinated. I would spend my lunch breaks with my eyes glued to my computer screen, listening to just that hour of testimony and following Twitter play-by-play from reporters in the courtroom.

The reasons I was fascinated had more to do with the legal aspects of the case than the gruesome, graphic details. I was curious how a self-defense claim could be made with the CLEAR (or so I thought) deliberateness of the crime. I was also curious how reporters like me were covering a case like this. What did they tweet? What did they leave out? Did they offer commentary on jury reactions? Did they have time to take notes between all the tweets or were their tweets the notes they would use?

The case became infamous for all these reasons. And that is why Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias behind bars is my wanna-read this week.


From Goodreads page

Conviction is authored by Juan Martinez, who was the lead prosecutor on the case–which still has appeals pending.

Martinez gained national notoriety for his brand of prosecution and his cross-exam of Arias, which was testy (and that’s understating it.) His disdain for the defendant in this case wasn’t masked at all.

This book promises to deliver details the jury never heard and insight into those closed-door meetings with the family of Travis Alexander, the undeserving victim in the case.

I’m currently #5 on my library’s waiting list for this book, which was published in late February.

I’m also curious to read Trapped with Ms. Arias, written and self-published by Kirk Nurmi. Nurmi was Arias’ defense attorney through both of her criminal trials. He asked to be taken off the case numerous times and was denied. Trapped seems to be a unique choice of diction for that title.

So, while I anxiously await the arrival of Conviction at my local library, I will satisfy myself by reading about other cases. A fan of true crime can never truly be bored….


One thought on “Wednesday Wanna-Read: Conviction

  1. I’ve been reading portions of Nurmi’s book and it’s pretty informative. He discusses how Jodi’s family seemed disinterested about her ordeal. Although, his excessive complaining through out the book is extremely irritating.


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