Wednesday Wanna-Read: Mrs. Hemingway

Since I first read The Old Man and the Sea, I’ve been a fan of Ernest Hemingway’s writing. And I’ve been intrigued by his personal life.

This man, a great writer, had so much trouble finding and keeping a relationship going.

Much has been written about the love affairs he did have, fleeting as they may have been.

The Paris Wife is sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I’ve got my eye on a few other books as well.


From Goodreads page

One of those is Naomi Wood’s Mrs. Hemingway.

Wood’s book focuses on all four of Hemingway’s wives, not just one. The book is divided into four parts and utilizes actual love letters and correspondence to formulate its narrative.

I’m fascinated by this. Hemingway had love triangles in virtually all of his relationships and inevitably these women found out about it. I think this is a brilliant idea for writing about Hemingway’s troubles in the love department.

I’m definitely curious to read this book, which was nominated for the Dylan Thomas and Jerwood Fiction Uncovered prizes.


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