Wednesday Wanna-Read: The Hours Count

My Wednesday wanna-read this week is tied in to my love of history.

The Hours Count by Jillian Cantor focuses on the neighbor of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.


From Goodreads page

Millie moves in with her husband and special needs child next door to the Rosenbergs about three years before the Rosenbergs are arrested on suspicion of espionage.

Ethel Rosenberg, who had befriended Millie, left her children with Millie to take care of, not knowing she would never leave prison.

Cantor’s book has been lauded for mixing fact with fiction in a way that makes it all seem real.

Published 62 years after the Rosenbergs were executed and with increased interest in their case (and whether Ethel was actually guilty of spying for the Russians), Cantor’s book has received many positive reviews.

Cantor also wrote a book about Margot, the older sister of Anne Frank, which received acclaim.

With my love of history, the mixture of fact and fiction, especially with such an intriguing topic as the Rosenbergs, is sure to be a fascinating read.


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