Wednesday Wanna-Read: Where They Found Her

The “her” referenced in the title of this book, the second by author Kimberly McCreight, is a young child. A baby.

She is found in the woods in a small town that is home to a prestigious university. Nobody knows who the baby belongs to, how she got into the woods, anything really.


From Goodreads page

A freelance journalist is asked to cover the story, while battling her own emotions. The reporter discovers secrets about the town and the people living there.

In the meantime, people in the town are dealing with their own personal crises.

Blend it all together and you get Where They Found Her.

McCreight’s first book, Reconstructing Amelia, was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and have been looking forward to reading this, her sophomore novel.

McCreight was nominated for the Edgar and Anthony awards for Reconstructing Amelia. So you know she’s got some thriller writing chops.

Readers seem to agree, giving Where They Found Her an average rating of 3.8 on Goodreads.

This book sounds like the kind of personal story mixed with mystery and suspense to make it a great read.


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