Wednesday Wanna-Read: Helter Skelter

This Wednesday wanna-read post may not win me many friends, but I will begin by saying I in no way shape or form condone or accept anything associated with Charles Manson.

With that being said, from a curiousity standpoint, I’m interested in reading Helter Skelter by Vince Bugliosi, who was one of the prosecutors that put Manson behind bars.


From Goodreads page

Helter Skelter is the book that is essentially the definitive account of what happened and the trial that followed. Bugliosi would know.

I’m not so much interested in this as a Manson thing, but as a true crime thing. The Sharon Tate murder, as well as the deaths of those who were also in the home at the time, is one of the most infamous crimes in history.

And as a true crime obsessive, I’m curious to read about the trial and how the eccentricity of the case was handled from a legal perspective.

I’m also intrigued by Bugliosi’s insights into the evidence and what the jury never knew.

I have refrained from buying this book because I don’t want to end up on some watch list for buying it out of pure curiosity.

With that being said, I want to read Helter Skelter. And I might go listen to some Beatles music (you know what song I’m thinking).


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