Wednesday Wanna-Read: All About the Kennedys

As I’m writing this Wednesday wanna-read post two days following the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it seems only fitting that my post focus on a related book.

Or in my case, three different books.

I’m a bit of a history nerd and the Kennedys are a fascinating family to learn about. There’s just so much there.

The first book I want to read is a memoir by Clint Hill (with Lisa McCubbin) titled Mrs. Kennedy and Me.


From Goodreads page

Hill was a member of Mrs. Kennedy’s Secret Service detail for about four years. He was in Dallas in 1963 and stayed with Mrs. Kennedy as she transitioned out of her role as First Lady. This seems like a fascinating, intimate look at the woman who put on a brave face for the country more than once in her brief stint in the White House.

The second book is The Kennedy Detail by Gerald Blaine (with Lisa McCubbin).


From Goodreads page


Blaine was a member of the Kennedy Secret Service detail in Dallas and writes about the days/weeks/months leading up to those moments and then the afterward.

The third book is on a slightly different topic (a.k.a. not the assassination). Written by Robert F. Kennedy, Thirteen Days details the Cuban Missile Crisis as only someone who was a part of the discussions and negotiations would be able to do. At least that’s what the Goodreads page summary would lead a potential reader to believe.


From Goodreads page

I’m curious to see what all of these books will do to shape my thoughts on the Kennedy era. It was one of the most fascinating times for me to read about in my college history classes and I’m looking forward to learning more.



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