Wednesday Wanna-Read: Zoo Story

My Wednesday wanna-read this week is a non-fiction account of what goes on at a zoo.

Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives by Thomas French follows life at the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo using more than six years of research and reporting French did.

French was granted access to all aspects of the zoo and writes about a variety of animals who are living there.


From Goodreads page

Zoos have always held a special place for me. My parents always made a habit on family vacations of going to a zoo near where we were visiting. We lived relatively close to the Columbus and Cincinnati zoos and had family in Toledo, so we’re pretty familiar with Ohio’s zoological offerings.

Even as an adult, my friends and I have taken day trips to Columbus to visit the zoo and squeal over the cute animals.

There’s something magical about seeing an animal that primarily lives in another part of the world while only going a short distance.

At the same time, many times you are watching an animal with not enough space and not nearly enough stimulation mentally. There’s an emotional tug-of-war going on with every visit to a zoo.

French’s book has received a nearly four-star average on Goodreads and many of the reviews discuss how he has balanced the ethical issues zoos face with the need and want to help care for dying species.

As an animal lover, I’m really excited to read this book and get a look behind the curtain.


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