Recent Read: Lost Girls

I have been on such a true crime kick lately…

About 10 days ago, I finished Robert Kolker’s Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Kolker, an investigative reporter (another trend of mine… oops…), follows the stories of five women whose bodies were found in one area of Long Island over about a two year period.

These women came from all over the east coast. What they had in common was their work as escorts, particularly in posting on Craigslist.

Kolker focuses on the women pre-murder. He looks at their family lives, their childhoods and upbringings, their education and, ultimately, what led them to become prostitutes and lose their lives. Kolker also follows the family members left behind who are searching for answers and dealing with trauma.

He also touches on the police investigation, which is ongoing.

This book was definitely not the worst true crime I’ve ever read, but it certainly wasn’t the best.

I understand what Kolker was trying to do in making these women human victims and not just names on a page that we are apt to forget by the end of the next paragraph. But, I at times, felt like there wasn’t enough being done to move the investigation along. It felt like I was just reading a memoir versus an investigative reporting piece (at times).

I would give this book 3 stars out of 5. I enjoyed the book, but I think there were some things that could have been left out or improved to make the book flow better.


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