Monday Must-Read/Recent Read: Black-Eyed Susans

I know I’m not doing Monday must-reads every week anymore, but this book is too good not to recommend.

Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin is so fantastic. I finished it last night and I’m still amazed.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

The plot focuses around Tessa, or Tessie as she was known at 16. Tessa was the lone survivor of a serial killer whose victims were found in a field of Black-Eyed Susans. Barely alive, Tessa recovers and testifies against the man believed to be the killer, sending him to death row.

Now as that man’s execution date approaches, Tessa is questioning her testimony. Mostly because someone keeps planting Black-Eyed Susans wherever she lives, taunting her.

And Tessa’s childhood best friend, who mysteriously disappeared shortly after the trial, is supposedly sending her messages.

Can Tessa help the alleged killer’s legal team save his life and catch the real killer?

This book is a total thrill ride. It alternates points of view between Tessa in the present day and Tessie at 16, most of the time in her sessions with her therapist.

I consider myself fairly skilled at picking out “who did it” in these types of books. I thought I had this one figured out and I had theories. ALL of which were wrong. The actual ending is the absolutely last thing you would ever have thought would happen.

Heaberlin is an award-winning journalist and it shows with her clear, concise, yet beautiful writing.

The last third of the book especially, I felt like I was Tessa. I felt her panic. I was digging for clues with her. I came to the realizations right with her (to the point that I was yelling on my couch when I hit a certain plot reveal).

If you are a fan of Gone Girl or Reconstructing Amelia, I think you will really enjoy this book!

Three cheers to Heaberlin for this fantastic work. I can’t wait to read whatever she writes next.


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