Recent Read: Someday My Prince Will Come

I recently finished one of the funniest memoirs I’ve ever read: Jerramy Fine’s Someday My Prince Will Come.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

This book was recommended to me by a friend who knew a few things about me, namely my obsession with all things royal and my love of reading.

The subtitle for Fine’s memoir is “True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess.” The story of my life. (Prince Harry, I’m looking at you….)

Fine spotted Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne, in a book about the royal family as a child and spent virtually her entire life after that plotting and working her way to meeting him. Convinced, of course, that as soon as she did, he would fall madly in love with her and all her dreams would come true.

What Fine details in her book is her obscure, awkward upbringing by parents who hadn’t quite left the 1960s, her journey to college and studying abroad in England. Fine also found a job in England post-grad and is still living there.

Ingratiating herself with people who may have connections to get her in the same room as Peter Phillips creates a variety of experiences for Fine that are fun to read about: partying with a royal family of India, attending events that most people would consider boring just for that seconds-long interaction with a potential in-law.

And when Fine finally gets her chance, will it work out for her? You’ll have to read to find out.

I found Fine’s writing style very refreshing. She is self-deprecating and witty, charming and quick on her feet. Fine did convince me, however, that living in London is not for me. Her descriptions of trying to find an appropriate “flat” (apartment for us Americans) and the variety of flatmates she had pretty much swore me off that city as a long-term living destination.

Visiting London is on my bucket list. I can only hope if I ever get there, I’m able to catch a glimpse of the royal family. I love to follow the news about Will, Kate, George and Charlotte and since Harry is still an eligible bachelor… I’m keeping my fingers crossed. At least in my dreams.

I would recommend this book to any royal-lover because you will identify with Fine in one way or another. I would also recommend this book to anyone who’s lived through their 20s. It’s a fun, interesting read that is really worth the time.


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