Wednesday Wanna-Read: Ghettoside

My Wednesday wanna-read this week is on a topic that I’m interested in for a variety of reasons.

Ghettoside by Jill Leovy is “a fast-paced narrative of a devastating crime, an intimate portrait of detectives and a community bonded in tragedy, and a surprising new lens into the great subject of murder in America–why it happens and how the plague of killings might yet be stopped,” according to the Goodreads summary.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

The book focuses on one murder, but also discusses the larger issue of violence in our country as a whole. (I’m writing this in the U.S., so I’m referring to the U.S. with that statement for you international readers.)

Goodreads describes the book as a “kaleidoscopic story of the quintessential American murder.”

The level of gun violence in America is astounding. I see police reports on a weekly, sometimes on a daily, basis of people threatening others with firearms. Usually they aren’t fired, at least in the town I live in, however, in larger cities, those threats turn into bullets flying.

I have never held a gun in my life and I never intend to if I can help it. Shooting someone is very rarely the answer to a problem.

I’m excited to read this work of non-fiction. It’s gotten a good bit of media buzz since its release in July 2014. Hopefully, this will help spark a larger discussion about firearms, who should have them and what more we can do to keep firearms out of the hands of the people who shouldn’t have them.

Leovy’s book has been given an average rating of more than 4 stars on Goodreads and many of the reviews I’ve seen have been positive.


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