Monday Must-Read: Something trashy…

It’s the warm, muggy time of year when all you want to do is lay by the pool and not expend too much energy on anything.

While some people may enjoy some deep, intellectual reading poolside, there are other options.

I’ve previously written about my penchant for reading trashy romance and the style is one that I really enjoy reading poolside.

Yes, most of the time, these romance novels involve people falling in love in just a matter of days/weeks after having really hot sex. So… it’s not totally realistic. But it’s fiction.

And the books don’t take a bunch of mental stamina to get through, so being distracted by outdoors things isn’t much of an issue. These books are easy to put down and pick back up. And, the pool’s right there if you need to cool down for a bit.

Right now, I’ve been reading some Lorelei James and Maya Banks. But Lora Leigh and Shayla Black have both been on my personal reading list as well. I usually have one of the romance books on the side to whatever I’m reading on the intellectual side. Everyone’s brain needs a break now and then.

As the temperatures stay hot and the air stays muggy for the few remaining weeks of summer (if where you live is anything like where I do…) I’d encourage you to read something a little smutty to spice up your summer reading list. Plus, it’s really easy to put down if you’re not interested. There are tons of options too! (Seriously, just look at Amazon. There’s TONS of these types of books in a variety of genres and levels of sexy.)

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a link to a variety of links on Goodreads related to sweeping genre of romance:

Feel free to look around and find something that fits your personality and taste, then get reading!


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