Wednesday Wanna-Read: Pretty Is

I discovered Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell while browsing the new releases section of my local library.

I had been checking to make sure no stray copies of Girl on the Train were hiding somewhere (they weren’t) and stumbled across this book, which I promptly checked out.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

The premise for Pretty Is surrounds Lois and Carly May. When the pair were 12 years old, they were kidnapped. Now as adults, they have put the incident behind them.


Carly May is an actress and receives a script that reads a lot like the story of the kidnapping. This brings the two women back together and “they must face the public exposure of their secret history and confront the dark longings and unspeakable truths that haunt them still,” according to the Goodreads summary.

Goodreads says the book “ beautifully defies ripped-from-the-headlines crime story expectations” and it certainly seemed that way to me as I was flipping through the pages. That’s what prompted me to just on a whim check it out from the library.

This is the kind of book that just grabs me and drags me into it head-first. And this sounds like a slightly different premise than most.

Goodreads readers have given the book an average rating of more than 3.5 stars, which I consider fairly good. Especially when the standard is the nearly unattainable Gone Girl level of thrill and suspense.

I can’t wait to read this book!


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