Monday Must-Read: Whatever you want

My Monday must-read may seem like a bit of a cop out, and maybe it is.

But, I’m suggesting you read whatever you want to read.

Oftentimes, we get caught up in what the “experts” recommend us read or what book is at the top of the bestseller list. We forget about why it is that we began to love reading in the first place.

I recently began reading a book by an author several people had suggested I try a book or two from. I got about 12 chapters into the book and I couldn’t figure out the plot, or where the plot could even be remotely considering going.

Yet, I felt obligated to keep reading. As much as I actually love reading, this book just wasn’t inspiring me to curl up in a corner and spend hours at a time between the pages.

Eventually, I asked myself why I was continuing to read this book I clearly didn’t like. The answer was I wanted to say I had tried it and have an honest opinion of a full book by this author.

Well, I decided that if I was 12 chapters in and not enjoying it, the book wasn’t for me.

So… I gave up on it. I returned the book to the library and deleted it from my Goodreads list forever.

I love to read because of what it inspires in me. I imagine the worlds and the characters and play out the scenes like movies in my head. And I need a good book to do that.

There are too many good books in this world to waste my time feeling obligated to read a mediocre book.

So my challenge to you, dear readers, is to read whatever you want to read. Pick at least one book that has not been recommended to you by me or some other blog or isn’t the pop culture phenomenon. Pick a book that inspires you and devour it.


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