Monday Must-Read: 1776

My Monday must-read this week is a book that took me two tries to actually get through but it was well worth the fuss.

David McCullough is one of the most well-known history writers of our time and when 1776 came out, it was a hit in the history world and in the general population.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

1776 is the story of, big shocker here, the year 1776 and the beginning of the American Revolution. Obviously, it also touches on things that happen before that year and after.

The way that McCullough writes, you almost forget you’re reading a history book. The writing is so conversational and does not require a PhD to get through.

As someone who has a degree in history, another important thing for me in judging a history book is how well it is sourced. McCullough definitely did his homework in writing this book.

I’ve read one other book by McCullough to date, a biography of Harry Truman for a history class in college, but I had read 1776 prior to that.

Despite knowing much of what McCullough wrote about from previous academic experience, the way this book is written can easily reintroduce or reteach those details to a new audience that might not enjoy history as much as I do.


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