Recent Read: The Lovely Bones

I finished (just a few hours ago) The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Susie Salmon is a teenager. And she always will be. Why? She was murdered. She’s now dead, in heaven, watching her family and friends (and the man who murdered her).

Sebold doesn’t hold back on how Salmon was murdered. And it’s not a mystery who killed her.

Sebold’s book is more a fictional commentary on the different ways in which people grieve than a mystery. Susie’s mother and father grow apart as they deal with their loss in vastly different ways. Susie’s sister, who is old enough to know what is going on and see the toll it is taking on her family, channels her grief in a different way than her brother, who doesn’t understand why his oldest sister isn’t there to help him play.

Susie, meanwhile, tries to cope from heaven with being away from her family and missing out on experiences she had planned on having.

Lovely Bones, for me, was weird and a bit creepy. We all want to believe that our loved ones are in a place where they can look down on us and maybe even communicate with us in some way or another.

But having that fictionalized and realized is a bit weird, at least for me.

Obviously, it wasn’t weird for many people, at least not in a way that made them avoid the book. It was named to a bunch of reading club lists, made into a movie and won six book awards and was nominated for a seventh.

Sebold hit the gold mine with her first novel.

This book is a quick read. I picked it up while at my local library, where I had to stop for another reason. I had decided not to carry my Kindle to work that day and wanted something to read. Apparently, I felt having an actual book would be lighter to carry than my Kindle…

I got through the book in less than a week, which for me is lightning paced at the moment. I enjoyed Sebold’s book, but I don’t think I’ll be reading anything else by her in the near future.


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