Monday Must-Read: Tigers in Red Weather

Liza Klaussmann’s Tigers in Red Weather is my Monday must-read this week.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Klaussmann creates a world that is vivid and captures what I can only imagine was the mindset of those who lived during the immediate post-World War II era and beyond.

Nick and Helena are cousins and enjoy the family home, called Tiger House, during the summers. As they grow and go their separate ways in adulthood, reuniting at Tiger House gives them a chance to reconnect.

Their children, however, discover something awful that changes the course of the entire summer.

I had found this book through Entertainment Weekly’s book reviews and it intrigued me. After I finished the book (nearly 2 years ago), I wrote in my book diary the following: “There was a haunting quality to the characters in their ability to fake happiness. Despite (character)’s evil, he seemed to be the only one capable of seeing truth and addressing it… This book was so easily read, I couldn’t put it down.”

Klaussmann’s writing is easy to follow and intriguing. I would recommend this book as a spring read. (Or if you want to wait until summer, it would make a great beach read.)


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