Monday Must-Read: The Shadow of the Wind

My Monday must-read this week is a book I read in college. I picked it up in the university bookstore to have something to read that wasn’t a textbook.

The Shadow in the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon was published in 2005. It is set in Barcelona right after the end of WWII.


Daniel is the son of a book dealer and enjoys a book by Julian Carax, titled the same as the actual novel. In a quest to find other books by Carax, Daniel discovers that copies of his other works have been destroyed and are still being destroyed.

Daniel gets swept into a mystery and a world of secrets by possessing the last copy of Carax’s works.

The story is beautifully written and lyrical. Zafon has a style and it carries over into his other works. (I’ve also read The Angel’s Game.)

Shadow of the Wind is in a sense a noir read. There’s definite shades of dark and light throughout.

The book has gotten many positive reviews on Goodreads with an average score over 4 stars.

It’s easily the type of book you can get lost in.


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