Wednesday Wanna-Read: Ruth’s Journey

My Wednesday wanna-read this week is both old school and a new release.

Ruth’s Journey by Donald McCaig is a prequel to Gone With the Wind, authorized by the estate of Margaret Mitchell.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

I am a little obsessed with Gone With the Wind. I was super hesitant to watch the movie (its 4 hours long!) but my mother forced my sister and I to sit and watch it on a rainy day when I was in junior high.

I loved it. I read the entire book. It took me nearly a year to do it because the book is long and I was a junior high student. But I read the entire thing.

Then I started looking for sequels. I wanted to know what happened. Do Rhett and Scarlett find their way back to each other? Does Scarlett end up with Ashley? Does she end up alone?

I couldn’t get through Scarlett, the first sequel. But then, the estate authorized McCaig to write Rhett Butler’s People. I read it. I enjoyed it.

Now, he’s written a prequel from Mammy’s point of view. Hattie McDaniel made the character entirely her own in the movie and her back story was never really explored.

McCaig is doing that in this new book. We know from tidbits in the movie and the original book that Mammy worked with Scarlett’s mother before she became an O’Hara, then stayed with Scarlett throughout her tumultuous adult life.

I really hope the red petticoat makes an appearance in the book. That moment in the movie is classic to me.

My hopes are high for McCaig’s book, so I hope it rises to meet my expectations.


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