Monday Must-Read: Hyperbole and a Half

If you’re looking for a quick read that is sure to leave you laughing, be sure to pick up Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half.

This book, written in short stories and illustrated with drawings, is absolutely hilarious.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Brosh writes about her dog, things that happen in her life, things that happen in her dogs’ lives. It’s all hilarious because it is so like what you experience in your own life.

Some friends of mine are the ones who inspired me to read this book and I read it in about three days (once I got a copy from my spot in the waiting list at the library.)

Brosh wrote the book after her blog ( got a ton of attention. The drawings are rudimentary, but they’re funny.

Everything about it is funny.

So if you need a break from reality, I’d encourage you to pick up Hyperbole and a Half.


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