Recent Read: The Good Girl

** Alert: This post contains a spoiler (kind of).**

Just last week, my most recent read was a Wednesday wanna-read. Well, I read it. And you should too.

Seriously, though. This book.

Mary Kubica’s book, The Good Girl, has been compared to Gone Girl and after finishing it, I can see why.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

The plot centers on Mia/Chloe and Colin/Owen (more about the double names in a moment). Colin kidnaps Mia, supposedly for a third party. He’s supposed to drop her off, but after meeting her, he can’t do that. Instead, he takes her to an isolated cabin in the woods and the pair hide out there for about three months.

The book also follows Eve, Mia’s mom, and Gabe, the lead detective on the case. Kubica alternates between characters in each chapter and also alternates between before and after. These reflect before Mia is found and after she is found and returned home.

During the course of those three months, Colin tells Mia his name is Owen and tells Mia she has to go by another name. She chooses Chloe.

Over the course of three months, Mia and Colin develop feelings for each other. I thought at first this was just Stockholm Syndrome to the nth degree. My reasoning: when she returns to the “real world,” Mia isn’t able to respond to her name, only to Chloe. She doesn’t remember anything about the cabin.

I questioned as I was reading whether this was an act or legitimate. Stockholm Syndrome could maybe in a fictional world cause a victim to try and protect her captor.

But then…. (SPOILERISH ALERT UPCOMING)…. I got to the epilogue. Holy Cow. The entire book just took on a whole new perspective. Mia’s role in the whole situation is exposed and just absolutely shocked me. And her role is BIG. What she hadn’t counted on was the kidnapper, Colin, trying to protect her and her falling for him. The guilt she feels over how the situation ends (I won’t spoil that for you). It’s all too good.

Kubica’s second book is in the works, and I honestly can’t wait to read it.

I’m so glad I picked this book up. I was skeptical about it, but gave it a chance because Mary Kubica graduated from the same college I did. Definitely worth the pick-up. I am highly recommending this book.


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