Monday Must-Read: Dare Me

Remember the cheerleaders in high school? If you weren’t one of them, you probably secretly longed to be.

OK, maybe not all the way. But you longed for the perfect hair and the attention and the adoring public, right?

Well, Megan Abbott shows us what we probably already knew about that particular high school clique in Dare Me. The mantra seems to be “all that glitters is not gold” meets “appearances can be deceiving.”

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Dare Me focuses on Addy and Beth, who are cheerleaders and best friends. When they get a new leader, Coach French, it disrupts Beth’s world. Beth is the leader, always has been. Coach French is threatening that.

Trouble rocks their teenaged world and disrupts everything again.

While I felt like some parts of the book were a bit disjointed, you follow the narrator’s consciousness through the story.

Abbott explores the darker side of being a teenage girl. Remember the cat fights and the drama? She goes there.

She also ventures into the world of eating disorders and friendship, especially what happens to friendship when a shift in the power structure is introduced.

This book is fascinating and a really interesting read.


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