Wednesday Wanna-Read: The Good Girl

I first stumbled across The Good Girl in the book aisle of my local grocery store. The cover fascinated me, so I read the book jacket.

Then I read that Mary Kubica, the author, is a graduate of the university I graduated from. I’m sold.

The fact that The Good Girl sounds like an interesting read was almost secondary at that point. (Note I said almost.)

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

The plot of having a man abduct the daughter of two powerful social players in a large city isn’t exactly new. Neither is having that plan derailed by the captor who has a plan of his own.

Called a thriller and suspenseful, it sounds like there might be some interesting elements at play in this particular book.

The ratings on Goodreads are mixed, some raving about the similarity to Gone Girl, others saying it isn’t nearly as good and is a wanna-be. But I suppose you’ll have that.

I’m excited to read this book in the coming weeks.


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