Wednesday Wanna-Read: All the books!

My final Wednesday wanna-read is looking forward to 2015.

I set goals annually as to how many books I want to read. For 2014, I wanted to read 50 books. I got to 36. Not bad, but not as many as I had hoped (despite getting past the 14,000 page mark).

In 2015, I’m setting a little more realistic of a goal. I hope to read between 40 and 45 books during the course of the year. And I’ve already planned out my reading strategy, to an extent.

I want to make sure I check the following books off my to-read list in the coming year (some of which you’ll recognize from previous Wednesday Wanna-read posts):

Orange is the New Black, Juliet, The Mime Order (sequel to the Bone Season), Andy Cohen Diaries, Life after Life, Outlander, Lean In, Serena, Ugly Girls, Belle Cora, Homicide, Monster of Florence, Ship of Brides, Pioneer Girl, Why I Read and the Paris Wife.

I hope you find books to enjoy in the coming year. Being able to spend time relaxing within the words of a literary masterpiece is a favorite pastime of mine, so I encourage all of you to find something to read that interests you and enjoy it.

Happy New Year!


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