Wednesday Wanna-Read: Belle Cora

My Wednesday Wanna-Read this week is Belle Cora by Phillip Margulies.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

This was published in early 2014 and while it may seem daunting at more than 600 pages, I’m eager to begin reading. (Even though it will take me a while. The 600+ pager I’m reading right now will end up taking me more than a month!)

Margulies writes of a woman who is writing of her own rise and fall. She is one of the most notorious madams and her own family won’t speak her name.

And yet, she’s able to write her own story, which spans decades and regions of the United States throughout the 19th century.

Margulies based this book on the life of a real 19th century prostitute by the same name. In essence, this is supposed to be a fictional autobiography.

These types of sweeping historical sagas enrapture me more often than they don’t. I first came to love them by reading John Jakes’ Charleston, then his North and South trilogy (also suggested reading for historical fiction lovers).

Being able to intertwine historical events with a fictional narrative, that could very well have happened in “real-life” is an art. Few have mastered it and I’m hoping I will be able to count Margulies among them once I read this book.

I also could have made this week’s Wanna-Read the books I will receive for Christmas…. but that seemed too easy for the holidays.

Dear readers, here’s hoping you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!


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