Monday Must-Read: Cartwheel

Hello all! My Monday Must-Read is getting posted a little early this week due to holiday travels.

Remember the Amanda Knox case? A young American studying abroad in Italy who ended up charged (with her Italian boyfriend) with the murder of her British roommate?

Jennifer DuBois definitely did not because she based her book Cartwheel loosely on the whole saga.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Cartwheel follows a young American studying in Argentina who gets charged with killing her roommate. And then doing a cartwheel in the interrogation room of the police department. (Can you guess where the title came from?)

DuBois paints a picture of the young girl, Lily, through the eyes of those who are seeing her. The story is told in third-person primarily.

While this wasn’t the best book I ever read, it was intriguing. It didn’t really keep me guessing since I’ve followed the Knox case and saw where that was headed.

DuBois’ first book was nominated for several awards, but Cartwheel really hasn’t received the same accolades. I’m not sure I’ll read the other novel based on DuBois’ writing style. It was a little too high-brow and dry for my particular taste. The only thing that kept me intrigued enough to finish her book was the parallel to the Knox case.

Remember when I said I’m really into true crime books? This was similar to a true crime story and is the reason I’m recommending it.


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