Monday Must-Read: The Malice of Fortune

Historical fiction is another genre that I tend to read a little too much of and this Monday’s must-read falls right into the category.

I highly recommend Michael Ennis’ book The Malice of Fortune.

From Goodreads page

From Goodreads page

Set in Italy in the Renaissance era, the book follows two people you may recognize, Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli, as they work together to piece together a mystery.

The book also features the Borgias and a courtesan, Damiata, who is on a mission from the pope to discover who killed his son, Juan. (If you believe some records of history, the pope’s other son, Cesare Borgia, committed the murder. This is how it plays out on Showtime’s television series, The Borgias, as well.)

Damiata is stuck on this quest because Pope Alexander, the patriarch of the Borgias, has something valuable to her in his possession and refuses to release it without her help.

This mystery is intriguing and a unique twist on history.

While Dan Brown attempts to pass off his fiction as history in many of his books, Ennis focuses uniquely on a good plot and using history as more of a backdrop than a focal point.

I enjoyed reading this novel, which contains some elements of a thriller and of mystery. I had trouble putting it down, despite it’s length at nearly 400 pages.


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