Wednesday Wanna-Read: Untold Story

Anyone who knows me figures out pretty quickly that I am absolutely fascinated by the royal family.

No, I don’t live in the UK and as far as I know, I have no British blood in me. Not a single drop. Yet, I’m obsessed. Every single time there’s a new picture of Kate and that royal baby bump, I’m clicking.

Fashion-wise, I try to emulate her style, classic yet modern and elegant. My family had a pet Pembroke Welsh Corgi named in conjunction with the royal history of pet corgis.

So, it really shouldn’t be a shock that my Wanna-Read pick this week ties into that theme.


Untold Story by Monica Ali follows Princess Diana past her death. It imagines what things would have been like if she hadn’t died in that car crash in Paris.

How would she have lived? Would she still be living?

It’s her untold story, thus the title.

The central character in the story isn’t actually Diana, but is based on her life and is likely a fictional barometer of what would have happened.

I’m too young to really remember anything about Diana besides her death, but I know I would likely have been as fascinated with her as I am with the rest of the royals.

Did you see this article from the BBC recently about the DNA testing done on Richard the Third and how there was infidelity on the female side somewhere along the line, which could call into question the entire Tudor claim to the throne?

So, if you’re anything like me and you’re dying to be in New York this weekend to welcome the royals yourself, check out Untold Story. I sure will be.


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