Recent Read: The Last Letter from your Lover

I finished this book late last week, but I couldn’t bring myself to write about it and admit it was over. JoJo Moyes’ novel is beautifully written and a beautiful story.

last letter

The Last Letter from your Lover follows Jennifer and Anthony who fall in love amid trying circumstances in the 1960s. The timing was never right, the lack of Facebook keeps them from finding out the truth about each other.

It takes a young journalist digging through the archives to find an old love letter. That letter, which echoes her own personal situation, puts her on the hunt for the people in the letter and what happened to them. Did they end up together? Did they ever have it work out?

Reading the love letters made me wish I had been born in another time. The art of love letters has gone by the wayside. Instead, there are text messages, emails, maybe a phone call if you’re lucky.

What happened to writing down on paper, putting in ink, how you feel? There’s something so pure and romantic about that notion. If you are taking the time to put your feelings on paper, it’s far easier to believe they are real then if they’re typed on a keyboard, which let’s be honest, only takes a matter of seconds or minutes.

Also, if you have a paper love letter, you can frame it. You can keep it tucked away in a book for years and find it later and relive those feelings.

It could be found by someone else and inspire them to find their own love story.

Instead, we rely on text messages that disappear into cyberspace. It’s not the same.

I, for one, would love to get a handwritten love letter.

I would encourage you to read this book. It might just make you feel the same way. Moyes weaves the novel between times and character’s perspectives. It’s a unique way to frame a novel and I found it highly enjoyable.

I’m intrigued to read other books by Moyes in the future as well. She’s a big deal in literature right now, so her books are everywhere. This one jumped out at me as one that would speak to me. It did more than that, it yelled.

Happy reading.


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