Monday must-read: A Game for Lauren

This Monday, my must-read isn’t a book. It’s a story on the NCAA’s website.

By now, you may have heard about Lauren Hill. She’s a college freshman and that’s likely as far as she’ll ever get in school. The reason: she’s very likely going to die before she finishes her first semester.

Hill has an inoperable brain tumor. She was diagnosed just a few weeks after signing a letter of intent to play basketball at DIII Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati.

She played her first game for them yesterday. It could very well be her last.

The prognosis isn’t good. She may not make it to Christmas, possibly not even Thanksgiving. And Saturday, she got to have her dream come true thanks to a NCAA waiver and more than 10,000 people.

She scored four points on the stat sheet, but she scored a whole lot more awareness for a rare form of pediatric cancer, an area which by itself is under researched and underfundraised for.

For me personally, her case is especially touching. And not just because I played basketball and my sister still plays. When I was in high school, a soccer player a year older than me died during her second fight with a brain tumor. She was told she wouldn’t graduate, and she got within 6 weeks before the cancer won the war.

Another friend from childhood beat a brain tumor a few years ago.

I can’t imagine the emotions raging through Hill or her parents, or even her teammates as she continues to fight the tumor that will make her last few days and weeks increasingly difficult.

Spoiler alert: it’s very possible you’re going to need tissues for this one. I can’t read or watch the highlights (both of which are included below) without tearing up.

Here’s a story the NCAA wrote about Lauren’s game:

And a beautifully done ESPN story:

And here’s Lauren’s website if you want to donate/learn more:


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