Wednesday Wanna-Read: Blood and Beauty

My wanna-read this week is Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant. Why did I choose this book? Well, I loved The Borgias show on Showtime (I own all three seasons) and I’m fascinated by Renaissance history.

From the Goodreads page

From the Goodreads page

I understand that novels generally take liberties with history to make a more interesting plot line (Philippa Gregory, I’m looking at you). I don’t expect every little thing to be historically accurate in Dunant’s work. However, I look forward to reading it.

Lucrezia Borgia is a fascinating figure in history for me. Not often are women revered as it appears she was. Her brother Cesare is also an intriguing character. He murdered his own brother (possibly) and was a member of the cloth, but a warrior. He’s a conundrum.

I took several classes in college about the Renaissance from a professor who studied for her doctorate and did post-doctoral work in Italy. She knew the subject well and I haven’t forgotten nearly as much as I thought I would from her classes.

I’m looking forward to reading this novel to see how accurate the history is and how beautiful of a story is created.


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