Wednesday Wanna-Read: Elizabeth the Queen

This is my first non-fiction selection on the blog and it’s a good one. I want to read Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith.

The biography of one of the UK’s longest reigning monarchs was released to coincide with her diamond jubilee and of course, I snagged a copy (via my parents and a Christmas gift.)

From Goodreads book page

From Goodreads book page

I have been fascinated by the royal family for a while. Call me a Will & Kate bandwagon fan, but after they announced their engagement, all things royal family were must-reads for me. (However, for the record, my family got our pet Corgi far before Kate and Will became an item.)

I’m fascinated by the queen. She has gone through so many ups and downs during her 60-years plus on the throne and will likely go through many more before her time is complete.

Will she surpass Victoria’s mark? Will she choose to step down for Charles at some point or will she go until her death, as her father did and is the tradition?

I’m excited to read this biography when I have time to really dive into it. Maybe I’ll time it up to be around the same time as the new royal baby is born…


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